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Red As Tomatoes And Roses

Remember It's A Journal, Not A Diary

somewhere over the rainbow

Hi there! This is RedAsATomato, but you can call me Red, Tomato, or any other variants of my name that you'd like to use. Question? Comment? Hit me up either in a journal entry, or some other sort of contact, be it email, instant messaging, etc. that I have around. The FLAVORS.ME link has information on more places I'm at besides livejournal, though your best bet would be to hit me up on TUMBLR. Random comments, when not malicious, are amusing, and I won't bite. I mean, it's not like tomatoes have teeth right? In either case, this is a personal journal for the most part, with public posts from time to time. (Semi-friends Only, if that makes sense.) Icons and the like have been moved to REDTOMATOFLAVOR, so watch there please! And feel free to add, but please let me know somewhere if/when we met first. Otherwise I'll be hesitant to add back, and well, I probably won't end up doing so for a long time, until I cave and do so. It's fun to make friends. But please, again, mention. Thanks for stopping by!

Classified as both ENFJ and ESFJ because of a tie. Also have some music. Watashi He by supercell.